Four for Friday

  1. Sleep: Where is the most unusual place you’ve fallen asleep? I can sleep pretty much anywhere I want to, so if I tried, I could probably have a really great answer for this. But, I’m going to have to say… in the middle of a French exam. In high school, I spent a lot of time sleeping through various classes. One day in French class I was really tired, and put my head down on my desk, and woke up about 15 minutes later. Of course, we were taking a test at the time, and so I picked up my pencil and finished taking the test. As I recall, I didn’t do poorly on the exam.
  2. Guns: Do you think blind people should be issued concealed weapons permits or be allowed to own guns? I’m opposing this question on matters of discrimination on people with disabilities. It seems… well, I could easily come up with an answer, but since I’m at work for a state agency that works with people with disabilities, it seems wrong.
  3. Driving: Taking into consideration errands and the drive to and from work, how many miles do you drive each weekday? Zero. Even when I did have a car, it was probably only around 5, since most days I didn’t drive at all, and then Wednesdays and Sundays I drove to church and back, which was a pretty long drive.
  4. Packing: When do you pack for a trip (the day of, the night before, or earlier)? The majority of my packing gets done the night before. Usually, there’s a small pile that starts earlier than that, things I want to make sure I don’t forget. That happens with my backpack that I take to ‘s house on weekends – sometimes during the week I run across things I need to bring (like the thing I bought for him this week – I’d tell you what it is, but then he’d find out), so they get thrown in there. But all my clothes get picked out late Thursday night.