TCFIL (New Meme)

Action 030

What would you do if you won the lottery? (let’s assume it is a BIG amount of money)

(FYI, just got a phone call, wrong number – I was supposed to be AARP this time, which is a big change from the usual unemployment mis-dials.)

After paying off my debt, my school loans, and the school loans of anyone I like, and maybe the rest of ‘s mortgage (which is ridiculously small), and making sure the wedding was taken care of, and setting aside enough money for my future schooling… if it’s a BIG amount of money, there’s still plenty leftover, right? So… I’m not sure. Three or four years ago, I could have told you exactly what I would have wanted to do with it. If, for the purpose of this meme, we’re talking about “making life better,” and I’m assuming that’s probably supposed to be in more of a global sense than just my tiny world… then I really don’t know. Here’s what I do know. I would like to teach in an inner-city school. I think that contributes to the greater good in an important way. The faster I can complete my schooling, the better, in that sense. So, it would be fortuitous of me to quit my job, if I had large sums of money at my disposal, and go to school full-time. Unfortunately, I don’t think even those plans would consume a BIG amount of money. So… I’ll set up college tuition funds for my nephew (and as-of-yet-not-conceived additional nephews and nieces), and put the rest in some sort of savings for any children that might want to call me something close to mom.

Oh, and I’m going out to dinner with all my friends, and maybe some acquaintances too, since my friends aren’t that numerous.