I rock, and you know it

My final exam (that I took yesterday morning) has been graded and is posted online. (Thank goodness I obsessively checked this morning!) I got a 98/100! That means I got 602/600 points in the class. How awesome am I? I also got 25/25 on last week’s Tuesday night quiz, and knew several of the extra credit questions on last night’s exam. So unless I totally bombed my online exam, I have high A’s in all three classes.

In other good news, I am very glad the semester is over. I think three classes is just too much. Towards the end of the semester, I was having a hard time getting to sleep at a decent hour (and since I consider “decent” sometime between midnight and 12:30, you can imagine…), and consequently waking up was getting more difficult (you’d be tired too if you didn’t fall asleep until 1:30). But the last two nights, I’ve gone to bed earlier, and have found it even easier to wake up. It’s quite nice.

So, I think my goal for the fall semester is 2 classes: one night class and one online, which should be totally do-able. Now I just have to figure out what to take…. I’m saving macro/micro economics for the spring. I don’t think I can afford to miss any classes for that subject, since it generally escapes my understanding and it will be a struggle. Let’s not make it any harder by trying to get married and honeymoon and move and live together with someone.

I’m wearing a new sweater today – one I knit myself. I finally got the finishing touches done this week, and decided it needed to make a public appearance. My co-worker meant to comment on it, but I pre-empted him by telling him I made it, so he decided to tell me he liked it. For once, he had some social graces, though I have no doubt that if it were absolutely hideous, he would tell me.

Back to work.