Last night I did some studying for my final that’s tonight, and then I started studying for my online final. All I had left to do was write the essays. The original plan was to write out the essays beforehand, so that all I had to do was pick and choose which ones to actually submit (she gave us 9 questions, said 5 would be on the test, and we’d actually have to write only 2). Well, I started studying and really couldn’t get motivated to write that many essays when I wouldn’t need to. So, instead, I took the exam. And now all I have left is one 30-question multiple choice test tonight and the semester is over! How exciting is that! I feel like I should celebrate by doing something I haven’t gotten to do in the last 4 months, like sleep for several days straight. I think, instead, I will be celebrating by cleaning my house. It won’t actually be fun, but it will be so nice to have a clean house again. And then the porch gets scrubbed down and the hammock installed. And then packing up the front room begins. And also refinishing some furniture. And finally finishing the paint job on the bathroom. And… so the project list is quite long.

I also got two knitting projects finished last night. I made a hat for Betsy’s little girl – a green version of the tomato hat I made for Grant. She can call it a green apple, or a green tomato, or really anything she can think of. And I finally got the finishing touches done on the sweater I knit this winter. I’m excited to wear it. If I had know it was going to be this cold out today, I’d have worn it. Oh well, that’s what tomorrow is for.

So I got a new mouse and keyboard this weekend to go with my “new” computer, and after installing the software that came with them, the mouse is a tad too sensitive. And by a “tad,” I mean “a whole freaking lot and it’s really annoying.” I went into settings and it’s set to be as slow as possible, which is unbelievable. I looked on their website today. It seems the only solution is to uninstall the software. Does this seem wrong to anyone else?