Today I went to the dentist to see about the hole in my tooth. I had a filling in one of my back teeth chip, twice, and it was kinda annoying. Mostly because I couldn’t eat on that side of my mouth. I didn’t really figure it’d be a huge deal to fix, though. Oh no, I was wrong. There was apparently a lot of “decay” that needed to be taken care of, as well as replacing the filling. There was a lot of blood. Not a ton of pain, but general uncomfortable-ness. Two hours later, I left the office with an appointment for a cleaning next week and under strict orders to not eat or chew gum on that side of my mouth until the Novocaine wears off (lest I bite my own lip).

There are some Advil sitting here next to me waiting for me to take them in prevention of any pain I might feel later. Think it’ll work? So, yeah, there’s now a huge chunk of metal in the back of my mouth. Apparently the tooth above it (that hurts when I floss) has a crown – who knew? I didn’t. I swear I’ve only had fillings. Wouldn’t I remember something like that? Maybe that’s why the bill was so high from those dozen-or-so cavities I had filled way back in the day (when we were living by the fairgrounds, that is). Would they have just not told me? Strange.

The rest of the afternoon should be fun, no? I’m not supposed to eat until the Novocaine wears off, but I haven’t eaten yet today. So, um… ?