Short post

For those of you who remember, I’ve talked briefly about a former colleague of mine who has a very rare (and progressive) form of cancer. I just got an update that they’ve found more tumors (this isn’t new… many times they’ve found new tumors in different parts of her body, which is to be expected, especially considering the type of cancer and the fact that it started in her brain). The new part is that her doctor says she can’t have chemo or radiation anymore, and that they’re basically out of options. Officially she has weeks or months, though both her and her husband are remaining positive and hoping for a miracle.

It is very sad, since she is an amazing woman who I cherish deeply. During the times that I got to work with her, she was half surrogate mother, half friend, always treating me as an equal even though she has kids my age. She has shown such strength and grace and hope throughout this whole time, and I guess that’s made it easy to ignore the probability that she was going to die. She has four kids in senior high and college, and a new husband, and I’m sure they’re having a pretty rough time right now. I can’t even imagine. Anyways, if you could pray for them all, I’m sure they’d appreciate it.

I promise to put up a “happy” update tomorrow, but for now I’m going to bed.