Apologies to my loyal fans

I didn’t post yesterday because I was rockin’ it out on the computer. I know, not really a new thing lately – I haven’t been posting much and, whether or not you know it, I’ve been doing cool things at work. Wednesday I finished the site design for ‘s website, and then I finished tweaking it yesterday. I also drew a map of Africa, which is pretty sweet. You have no idea how awesome it is. Well, maybe you won’t think it’s that cool, but it’s on the “Education” page on the mock-up site [link removed] (you’ll notice the site is missing one very important thing – bonus points to whoever gets the right answer into the comments first, except for , who is exempt because we talked about it last night, or at least I think we did). Soon, it’s going to be interactive. I’ve got a plan. And there will be a quiz, if I can ever figure out that part of Flash. I had a “tutorial” I was using, but it sucked and only confused me. I’ll have to try again.

Last night, I worked really hard and finished all my homework for the whole weekend. Aside from the obvious benefit of being able to relax and have fun this weekend, perhaps I’ll reward myself with a bottle of that Late Harvest Riesling I had two weeks ago. It was yum-my! Maybe not. We’ll see.

I think I finally figured ‘s birthday gift out. Whew! I don’t care what anyone says, boys are definitely harder to shop for than girls. All girls need is something pretty or shiny, but that doesn’t exactly work with boys. No worries, though, because I figured it out and it’s all purchased and everything. Now I just need to figure out Mother’s Day. Any ideas? I think I did flowers last year, or at least I’ve done those before. I need to know what is doing, if anything. Sometimes we do, sometimes we don’t.

I’m going to go back to being awesome over here. Feel free to leave praise for my work and to marvel at my amazingness in the comments.

2 Replies to “Apologies to my loyal fans”

  1. Kelly,

    Could it be that Firefox thinks the title of the web page is “Untitled document”?

    At first I thought you left something off the map of Africa (’cause I read wrong) but once I saw Malawi was on your map I knew got got the important stuff on that one.

    Have fun,

  2. Good try, Liz, but that’s not it! I’ve just been too lazy to put the page titles in yet.

    Any more ideas?

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