Um, yeah….

So I dyed my hair last night, right? I finally hit the proverbial wall and was fed up with it, and just did it. But… it didn’t exactly turn out to be the color on the box. It’s much… darker. It’s not bad, actually, and probably much truer to my now-natural color. Just… not what I was expecting. You’ll have to see it (and the box top for Clairol Nice n Easy #111) to understand.

You know, for years I dyed my hair myself. But for the past three or four, I’ve had or do it. Last night, I did it myself again. Well, let me just say, it’s not nearly as easy as I remember. Or maybe I’m more of a perfectionist now. I don’t know. I did a fine job – I got all my roots, don’t have an odd spot where I missed color or anything, but man was it difficult to make sure that I was evenly covered. And washing out two boxes of haircolor (of which I used every last drop) takes a friggin’ long time in a regular shower. I was really missing ‘s shower with the removable head.

And I miss my highlights. There’s a reason why curly-haired women should have highlights. Otherwise, it’s all just one big mass of curls. I might need to remedy this situation, even though I had said I wouldn’t do highlights again until right before the wedding. I might not be able to take it.

But, as is always true right after dyeing one’s hair, mine feels fabulous. It probably looks pretty healthy too.

That was probably too long of a post on hair….