Well, at least I’m productive in one part of my life

Last night I did homework from 6:30-12:30, and I didn’t even get my paper written (I did do the research for it, however, and decided that I wasn’t in the mood to write it, and it’s not due until Tuesday, so it’s all good). I didn’t get laundry done either. And there’s a growing pile of papers near my chair/window that is gonna be declared a hazard zone soon.

Since I got my new computer at work, I’ve been busy, busy, busy. I think I’m mostly set up the way I want to be, though. I managed to bring over the extensions I wanted for Firefox, and sync my bookmarks, which was the last step. I’m back in business!

Can I get an extra day in my week or weekend somehow? Or a few hours to sleep? is in town this weekend, so I get to see on Saturday, and I hope and I will have time otherwise to go take a walk outside, since the weather is supposed to be so nice. But I also have a chunk of homework, and it’s that point in the semester where slacking, even a day or two, really can’t happen. There’s too much to do and very little time left, so no getting behind schedule now. I also need to find the time to re-design the website that I was already paid for, and and I need to put a website out their for our upcoming nuptials and register and…. You get the idea. I will be quite happy when the semester is over – I may be too exhausted to celebrate, but I’ll have happy dreams.

The wonderment word of the day? Connubial. It’s a Jane Austen-esque word. I’ve been reading (well, not this week) Mr Darcy Takes a Wife, which is about 400% more racy than I expected it to be. Good, nonetheless. Anyways, connubial is used a lot.