I have just been in a fantastic day today. I finally got my computer at work. It is very spiffy. I even got a new keyboard and mouse, which is nice. I’ve got Office 2003, and the newest Dreamweaver, some other stuff that would bore you. I spent most of the morning getting it set up correctly (you know, settings in Word, shortcuts in the right places, correct screen resolution, blah blah blah). And then I’ve just been a busy little bee, working away (happily) this afternoon.

Unfortunately, now I have to go home and work my tail off to try to get my homework done, and there’s a lot of it. Boo. Oh well. is in town this weekend, so and I will be going up to ‘s house on Saturday to play with (oh yeah, and see ) for a while.

In case anyone was interested… I wore a dress to work today. I know! Shocking. It’s red and sleeveless and OK, not short, but above the knee. It’s cute. And, here’s the kicker, my stockings have a seam up the back. It elicited an immediate comment from my co-worker. But, you see, they’ve been filming a commercial in my building for the last three days and they’ve had to turn off the fans, so our office has been unbelievably hot. I figured I’d wear the sleeveless dress while I could, since in the middle of summer our office temperature warrants wool sweaters.

Oh, and now I understand exactly how overjoyed was when she got her flash drive. Mine arrived yesterday and I’m very happy about that.

Had a nice dinner out with last night – Tanpopo, which is always good, even if I get the exact same thing every time. Then she picked up her dress at my house and we went our separate ways, both having schoolwork to complete.

Hope everyone has an awesome night!