That should go on my iTunes wishlist…

Stuck in my head right now? “I hate the world today…” Know what song that’s from? One that I don’t particularly care for and haven’t ever wanted to own, but it seems appropriate today. It’s “B*tch” by Meredith something or other. I can’t exactly look that up at work.

Anyways, computer problems still abound at work. I’m back on the laptop, and I have printer access now, which is something new. But everything in general is frustrating when it’s not your machine. I’m stuck without the programs I need and forced to use inferior and irritating programs (cough cough Internet Explorer cough cough). So I’m pleasant. Plus, there’s a meeting tomorrow that seemingly everyone forgot about (including myself), so there were a lot of last-minute requests for documents to be prepared, photocopied, etc.

And it grates on me every time a co-worker comes by and says, “Still no computer yet?”

Here’s a happy thing from last night, though. I was reading my Real Simple magazine that arrived yesterday, an article on preventing osteoporosis (basically the numerous things you should do to protect and build bone density). They had it broken down by decades, starting with things to do in your 20’s. What made me happy was to read the first item under things to do in your 30’s. (I’m paraphrasing here…) “When you’re pregnant, make sure to take prenatal vitamins.” How nice for the expectation to be put out there that 30’s are a perfectly good time to have kids, in this time of my life when many of my friends have had babies or are having babies, and all of them are under 30. I don’t feel the tick-tock of the biological clock, but I am aware that 30 is just around the corner and that other people have expectations that they occasionally try to impose on me. (It doesn’t often work well, but it sure does frustrate me to no end.)

I slept like crap last night. I couldn’t fall asleep, and then just when I did, Matea started to paw at the back of my neck, which awoke me enough to realize that I hadn’t actually been asleep. I looked at the clock – 2:30. No fun. I should do alright on the quiz tonight in class though. I studied.

Wanna place bets on the idea of me forgetting that we have a meeting tomorrow morning and missing my 7:45 bus?