Lodging a formal complaint

It’s snowing today. That’s just wrong.

Now, contrary to some people’s opinion, I don’t actually dislike snow. Snow’s quite nice, and one of the things that make Minnesota winters preferable to those in Illinois. It’s the cold that kills me, and it’s not all that cold today. Were it January, this would be ideal weather.

But it’s April 11. It should not be snowing. I should be going home to plant seedlings and be able to ride my bike (not like I have time for any of that). I should be putting my winter coats into storage and lamenting the fact that my spring jacket only gets worn for a few weeks.

But no, it has to go and snow today.

I hope the weather gods are aware of my protest. I realize I don’t have much leverage… but they should know. I am dissatisfied with their work as of late.

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