I’m moving. Now, before you get too excited, you already knew that. You know, some time in the next six months. In the last 24 hours, however, and I looked at a map and picked out where to start looking for an apartment, and our service worker brought me up six empty boxes from shipping (the ones that hold reams of paper), and promised that there were “tons down there.” I’m afraid that he’s going to bring me 6 every day until it’s empty. But that’s OK. Boxes are good. I’ll bring some home on Monday night and see what I can box up. Now I just need to decide if it’s worth it to pack them and put them in the basement, or if I just want to start a nice stack in the front room. Perhaps this is worth of discussing with my roommates, ya think?

Still no computer yet. Not even an email asking me what software I need installed. So, it looks like I’ll be taking the early bus home. is going out to a movie with his dad and brother, so I might spend some time tonight playing the piano, checking out my as-of-yet-unused Pride and Prejudice soundtrack book. Or I might read a book for fun (I brought Mr Darcy Takes A Wife… hmm, notice a pattern?). I don’t have any homework this weekend, and I couldn’t find a knitting project to bring. Clearly, this is a problem. I suppose I could just… sit on the couch and watch TV without multi-tasking. To repeat what said last night, “how in the world did I spend my time before I went back to college?” He’s right – what did I do? I watched more TV and paid more attention to it, that’s for sure. And I read books and knit. And… hmm. Well, before I met him, there were those three years that I worked 12-20 hours a week at the church. That took up some of my time too.

I get to see again on Sunday! This makes three times in 8 days! Amazing. And emailed me more pictures – very cute. Have a great Easter!