Oh dear

If you thought was a whore before, you should see her now. I splurged while at Target and got her a pet bed, as part of my plan to get her out of the habit of sleeping under the covers with me, and preparing her for the day when we move in with the boy. I found one for super-cheap, and it has a pouch in it for catnip. Well, she won’t even let me put the catnip in it – she just loves it as it is. She’s unbelievable. Well, she just rolled herself out of it onto the floor, accidentally, and now she’s too embarrassed to jump up on my lap again.

Mega progress in the wedding department planning today. Bridesmaid dress was picked out. And it’s my favorite! And I called florists and got quotes and think I have it narrowed down to two.

And now I’m starving, so I’m going to find dinner.