Um, yeah….

[Editor’s Sidenote: I wonder how many posts I’ve had titled that way.]

Anyways. I have a new favorite pair of pants [link removed]. (I’d post the picture instead, but I can’t do that right now due to computer issues.) I want to wear them all the time. I want to own them in every color known to mankind. Unfortunately, they’re only available in two or three colors. Sad, I know. Also, I cannot think of an acceptable and fulfilling career that would let me wear them every day. Gym teacher is not an option. Neither is hobo.

I finished my paper last night. It’s not very good, I have to admit. And I decided I don’t care. So there. I have an exam on Monday (the same day the paper is due), and so this weekend will be spent studying for that, since I haven’t started. I have no time to polish the paper.

At work, I am currently learning about wikis, and how to possibly implement them in our intraweb. I doubt this will go anywhere, but it’s the current educational opportunity. Our paychecks were bigger today because it’s the 3rd paycheck this month. I got an extra $12. Woo-hoo.

I’m tired of not having my own computer at work. Unfortunately, this situation will persist for all of next week. Bummer. The computer I’m borrowing has a squeaky chair, wooden armrests that I keep bruising myself on, is super-slow, has a tiny monitor, and doesn’t have the programs I want to use. Wah. I thought my setup was bad, since the combination of my chair and mouse placement gives me chronic shoulder pain. Typing in this cube, however, gives me elbow pain, which is a much bigger problem. There’s no arm support whatsoever, and it doesn’t work for me. I had to wear my brace-thing all day yesterday and take Advil.

I’m having motivation issues today. This is a bad sign, going into a weekend that involves some reading and studying for an exam. And wedding planning. Must do some of that. I’m blaming the weather – it’s grey and rainy. Maybe a chocolate bar will fix it. Whatdya think?