I’m on phones today. And tomorrow. And Friday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. And Thursday until noon. Go ahead, ask me how I feel about that. I dare ya.

In other news, my lunch, which I have not finished yet, has made me very sleepy. And I have been thirsty since yesterday afternoon, despite having consumed many liquids in that time (including a 32 oz Gatorade). Also, my shoulder hurts a lot today. And my eyes have been itchy lately. Wah. I shouldn’t complain that much – has yet another cold.

Tonight I get to go to Target after work, or will wither away into nothingness… or become the size of a normal cat. I’m supposed to go to JoAnn and get some things I need there too, but… I’m feeling too tired to do so at the moment. We’ll see how I feel later. I should do my remaining homework for this week tonight, which includes taking a quiz and writing a paper that is due after Spring Break (that I am officially on now, until the 26th). All that really means is that I have my Tuesday night free next week, and have slightly less homework.