Assorted Wednesday-Friday randomness

I am feeling much better today. Late yesterday afternoon I started feeling quite good – specifically, I could freely breathe again. That was nice. Amazing what some good sleep and relaxation can do. I think the sun helped too, since it was shining both days right into the house. I miss the sun. I will like it very much when I see it more often, and when I can walk outside to get coffee on my break. But, two days at home was about all I could take of the dog, who mopes about the house sadly waiting for her owner to come home, occasionally dragging herself to the front door to sigh and whine. My goodness – you thought I was whiny? I ain’t got nothin’ on this dog.

However, this morning did not have such a great start. I woke up only to find that I’d unknowingly slept with someone over the night. Or should I say something. I had a spider bite on my right ankle, four behind my knee, one on my thigh, and one on the front of my knee. Bastard. Crawled up my pants and everything. I don’t do that on a first date, let alone with someone I’m not on a first-name basis with.

Then, I nearly slipped on some ice outside on my way to the bus. Funny, I’d walked that part of the sidewalk yesterday and it was fine. But apparently the water re-froze overnight. I glared at the house and thought maliciously about their landlords. I’m sure that had no effect whatsoever.

Then there were problems with my bus pass, like the fact that I dropped it behind the thing while trying to use it, and then it didn’t read correctly, and it was just like, “man, it’s one of those mornings.” Needless to say, while I was trying to have a good attitude, it seemed as though the universe was telling me I should have stayed at home. I knew, however, that the universe was wrong about that.

I am sick and tired of watching people on TV that live on the east coast complain about how cold it is there. It was 17* there this morning, and it was “bitterly cold.” Um…? Hello. Do you see Minnesotans on the news complaining when it’s below zero? No. (Do I complain about it, yes, but that’s totally different. The Today Show is not paying any attention to my plight, and that’s fine. I don’t really expect anyone to care about my feelings of the cold.) Boo-hoo for New York. Wimps.

While I was home, I was actually slightly productive in my life. True, I got some good napping in, as well as some quality lounging-in-bed-watching-movies time. But, I also did some homework (including getting a 10/10 on a quiz), cleaned the chair off (though it will only get piled full of stuff again), unloaded and loaded and unloaded the dishwasher, threw away old food from the fridge, took out the recycling, took care of the cat litter, and whitened my teeth. I also went to the co-op (twice) and bought all sorts of healthy foods: bananas, apples, a butternut squash, a yam and a sweet potato (to determine once and for all which one of the two it is that I like), asparagus, baby artichokes, carrots, mushrooms, potatoes, milk, eggs, cheeses, and English muffins. I also bought granola and sunflower seeds and fresh strawberries and yogurt. My plans was to eat good foods, that I might be healthier.

And I’ll have you know, I am becoming an expert at cooking asparagus. Don’t ask me what I did wrong the first time (back when I lived in Michigan), but I’m not having any problems now. Of course, when cooked up with mushrooms and served with butter, salt and pepper, pretty much anything would taste good. (Things that would not taste good still include: eggplant, zucchini, onions, and tomatoes. Lest anyone get the idea that I might eat such disgusting foods if they were served in this manner. Not gonna happen.)

The sweater that I was working on, I finished the 13 inches that I needed to, and then started and finished both sleeves, attached them, and am now working on the next 5 inches (I’m halfway done). Then there’s the row with the holes for ribbon, and then 5 more rows, and then it’s done. So I can definitely be done by Spring Break (which is the 19th). I’m floored that I was able to complete a sweater so quickly. Of course, it’s just a simple 2×2 rib, and short-sleeved, and a wide neck, but still… impressive. Hopefully it fits.

Plans for the weekend include homework, hopefully finishing the baseboard in Prince Charming’s bathroom, and more homework. (That was Friday-Saturday-Sunday, in that order, in case you were wondering.) Prince Charming has some stuff that will take him away from the house / require him to work on stuff instead of entertain me. Which is fine, since I have a paper to write this weekend for US History and about a zillion pages to read for my Contemporary World History class. And a mid-term on Tuesday for World History. And then there’s the sweater…. So you see, it’s all good. And hopefully next weekend we’re both much more free and can have some fun (it might even be nice enough outside to go for a walk or something!) I think we’re going to the church again on Sunday as well, which should be good.