Decisions, decisions

I’m currently debating whether or not I’m going to stay home from work tomorrow. Technically, I’m feeling much better, and if I went back tomorrow, all would be fine. I’m probably somewhere around 75%. But if I get to sleep in one more day… I think I could get that up to 95% so I could be well-rested and healthy for the weekend. And I definitely have the sick hours to use. And no one is going to die if I don’t go into work again tomorrow. You can see which way I’m leaning, right? But on the other hand… I am feeling better, and would it just be lazy and indulgent of me to stay home? I can’t remember the last time I took two days off in a row for being sick. Anyone? When I got the chicken pox in high school. When I had that really bad fever in 5th grade (I was hallucinating that the bed was trying to eat me). …I probably had strep once in elementary school.

Alright, curiosity got the best of me. According to our employee paycheck website, the last time I took more than 8 hours of sick leave in a 2-week period was last December, and that was 10 hours. Ah, in November 2004 I took 14 hours off. In fact, in the whole time I’ve worked there, I can’t find any evidence that I took more than an afternoon and then the next day off for sickness. Wait, no, in March 2003 I took 2 days off (though I can’t be sure if they were consecutive or not – it just tells me the number of hours for that pay period). So in 4 1/2 years, maybe once I took off 2 days in a row for being sick. That kinda cinches it for me. I mean, not that that’s a good reason, but just goes on the side of the list in favor of staying home. Sleep, blessed sleep.

We’ll see tomorrow morning. Who knows, I could be feeling especially perky.