One tiny little complaint

You know what I don’t like about being sick? I prefer to sleep on my side, or on my stomach, both of which involve my head being tilted to one side or the other. But when I’m sick, it’s fortuitous to sleep on my back with my head straight, sinuses being what they are. This is not terribly… comforting for me. I do not enjoy it.

Also… my nose hurts from the Kleenex.

I now return you to your regularly scheduled blog.

2 Replies to “One tiny little complaint”

  1. Kelly,

    I invest in the aloe and lotion coated tissues for times like this. When I’m healthy I put that box away and pull out the regular stuff.

    I didn’t realize you were that sick. Maybe if I had spent less time playing the wii with Eric I would have learned this about you…

    Hope you feel better,

  2. L, I wasn’t sick on Sunday. I felt fine – Prince Charming even asked how I felt to make sure I wasn’t getting sick from him. It came on Monday night…. I feel better today, but perhaps that’s just because I don’t have to go to work?

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