Let’s see now…

I’m feeling a bit under the weather, and I’m trying very hard not to be whiny about it. Please forgive me if I am momentarily unable to control myself.

My crowning achievement of the weekend was successfully stir-frying asparagus. And tofu. In fact, I want to go to the store and buy more asparagus.

I knit a whole huge chunk of a sweater this weekend – no homework, and then I finished up the 2nd ball of yarn (out of 4) last night after I finished with my homework. I am now at 12 inches, and I need 13 before I start the arms.

My goal for tonight is to stay awake during class, buy some asparagus if I have time and am not frozen from walking home from class, do some homework for the coming week (I really enjoyed my weekend of no homework, and while that’s not always going to be possible, it does have me at least temporarily motivated to work harder during the week), and get my sweater up to 13 inches. And to remember to take Mucinex and aspirin at the appropriate intervals.

My goal for today at work is to not injure people and to do a vaguely acceptable level of work on some projects.

Oh – shocking thing learned from this weekend. Apparently, I am going to have a bridal shower, or at least one is currently being planned. I had no idea. I had just assumed that I wouldn’t have one – I thought about who would be invited, and thought it would be silly to invite just and , and that the three of us could go out and do something girly if we wanted. It’s been awhile since I’ve been to a bridal shower – I forgot that aunts and other older family women like to go to those things. So I’m just… well, “floored” would be a little bit dramatic, but more than “pleasantly surprised.” I think weddings are just one of those times when you have to sit back and let people do nice things for you, though. (It does help to have low expectations, to avoid being Bridezilla and demanding that people throw showers for you and give you ridiculously expensive things that you’ll never use. It’s much easier to be appreciative and pleasantly surprised/pleased when you didn’t expect the whole world to bow to your every whim.)