Sources of Protein

Last night, I successfully made a 3-egg omelet. This is only notable because I have never been able to make a 3-egg omelet. 2 eggs, yes. 3 eggs, terrible disaster. But no more! It seems that my luck with eggs turned in the past few years. It used to be that I couldn’t make fried eggs or omelets without feeling nauseated afterward – wasn’t sure why, since it seemed that the eggs were fully cooked and they were fresh. Oh well – that’s all changed. My 3-egg omelet (eaten at 9:30 pm) included cheese and sausage as well. Apparently I was craving protein.

Tonight, I will be eating fish. Or, at least that’s the plan. I have to actually go to the co-op and find said fish, and sometimes their selection is questionable. But I will try. I am supposed to eat more fish. We all should, really. It’s quite healthy for you. is trying this right now too.

I got new shoes while I was out on my lunch break. They’re cute enough, and I didn’t pay full price. The heel on my old pair broke last week, and I would pay to get it re-glued except that I haven’t liked those shoes since I bought them. They always make my feet and shins hurt. So they’re going in the trash tonight. I might still need another pair of black dress shoes… we’ll see. I hate shoe shopping. Well, actually, I don’t hate it. I just find the whole process frustrating, especially after finding the perfect shoes and then coming home and learning they will forever give you blisters. That sucks.

I feel the need to clarify. It’s not actually gorgeous outside. In reality, it’s grey and looks like it might rain. BUT, and this is an important one, it’s above freezing. It’s almost 50* out. And that is an amazing and wonderful thing. So it overrides all the rest.