I must brag

Grades for my exam that we took on Valentine’s Day are posted. I got a 96%. Yay! It may or may not be the highest grade in the class – it’s hard to tell from the diagram, so it’s possible that there are two of us in the 95-100% range. Regardless, I’m happy.

Plus, I don’t have work tomorrow (it’s a holiday, don’tcha know). And I had ice cream today. And and I did something productive this weekend for the wedding – we made a decoration thing for the reception. It’s so cool. And I studied for my exam that is this week. And we looked at silk flowers while we were at Michael’s today and I feel really good about doing our own for that and having fresh ones at the reception.

On the negative side, I totally sliced open one of the knuckles on my pointer finger this morning on a razor that was wandering around my drawer un-guarded. Boo. And I have to clean the bathtub tomorrow. And buy lightbulbs.

But I get to sleep in, which I love. So it’s all good. Tomorrow will hopefully be a day of much sloth, some productivity, and great relaxation. Actually, being productive could be relaxing, depending on what it was. Like, if I actually have time to work on projects that I never have time to (like boxing up books to put in the basement, or cleaning the front room, or even cleaning the bathtub), at the end of the day I would feel good because those things wouldn’t be looming over me anymore. I feel like I never have time to work on them. I think it’s the night class, but I’m not sure. It could be the whole three classes, planning a wedding, working full time thing. Beats me. All I know is that I currently have A’s in all of my classes, so all the hard work is paying off. Now if I can just find us a church to get married in….