Once more, with feeling

I passionate, passionately, hate Microsoft Update. There was an automatic update for my work computer, and now it’s asking me every 20 minutes if I want to restart my computer. No, I do not. I want to continue working on my computer, which is hard to do if it’s rebooting. Plus, it takes my computer an insane amount of time to boot, and I really don’t have the patience for that. OK, not to boot, but Google IM and our network email don’t get along, which means that my computer kinda just hangs there for awhile as they sort it out.

Last night was quite enjoyable. Prince Charming came over and we did… absolutely nothing. He was having a whole week of doing nothing, whereas I was celebrating having no homework for one evening. It was nice. We made Cheesy Crockpot Chicken (with fake chicken and without the crockpot) and watched some Star Trek Voyager. And he fell asleep. That was it. But so nice to do nothing for a change, or at least to be able to do nothing and not feel guilty that I should be doing homework.

I get to see baby Grant tomorrow!!!!!