I’ve said nothing…

…because I’ve had nothing to say. I’m kinda boring right now. I’m in a much better mood today – my co-worker isn’t here, and I’m blaming yesterday’s mood on him. I shouldn’t let him have that much influence on me, but I think can attest to the difficulty of being positive at work while in close proximity to a grouch.

came over last night. I did homework for awhile, and then we both fell asleep watching something on the Discovery – Science Channel (or something like that – it was about planets, or the history of the universe, or … something). At 8pm. The floor is now open for mocking.

Lucky duck that she is, has the weekend off work, or at least off from one of her jobs. Unfortunately, is going home, and I have homework. So… maybe she’ll have a very productive weekend. Tonight’s homework is bumped to tomorrow because has a company dinner tonight. I’ve got some reading, a paper, and an exam to study for.

I finally bought a bag to carry my schoolbooks around in. I’ve been deliberating about this for about a month now, and finally made up my mind. [images removed]

I bought the matching “wristlet” (aka small purse) because I could. I restrained myself from buying the matching cell phone case.

There was a beautiful pink stripe version that was even cheaper, and was very cute, but in the end I decided it didn’t match. All my coats are cream/beige, so I wanted something more neutral. Plus the pink one had all black accents, which isn’t really me (she says, while sitting at her computer wearing black pants, a black print shirt, and a black sweater). I’m more of a brown kinda girl. (Yeah, and I don’t like white either – give me cream any day.)

I… have nothing else interesting to say. Well, not that any of this post has been terribly interesting in the first place. I can’t wait for it to be spring.

PS – no negative comments about the purse. You are required to love it, or say nothing at all.