Lesson for the day

Rule: It is prudent to check the price of sale items at Macy’s, especially if you cannot decide between two items.

Reason: Sale items are often not marked correctly, resulting in items that you think are priced $22.99 ringing up at $5.98. So why put yourself through the hassle of deciding – you might be able to be extravagant and purchase both!

Example: I went to Macy’s today (obviously) over my lunch break to attempt (again) to purchase a tie for . This idea had been in my head… all week, after seeing a mannequin in one of their display windows wearing a very nice tie. In my attempt to find said tie, I realized that the mannequin was wearing a sweater vest also, which greatly changed the appearance of said tie.

Nonetheless, I asked if he would wear a tie if I bought him one, and he said he would. So back I went yesterday, and was still unable to decide on anything. I realized I wasn’t sure what colors he already had, both in clothing, suits, and ties, and was pretty sure that the ones I really liked wouldn’t match what he owned (and also… I don’t think I could get him to wear pink, even if it is just an accent color on an otherwise silver-grey tie).

Then, some of the guys he works with decided to wear suits to this Friday’s company dinner. And apparently he was looking forward to a new tie (who knew?). So, after getting an inventory of his dress clothes, back to Macy’s I went. After much deliberation… I narrowed it down to three choices. Then the salesman decided my #1 option was light blue, brown, and dark blue, unlike the black that I thought it was. Second choice it was… and then I ended up with two of them. They rang up at $5.98, even though they came from the $22 table, and the tag was marked $34.

So… lesson. Check the price! They now have scanners like Target. I might go back and see about my 3rd choice option… though it was on a different table (the $24 one).

Such drama over ties!