Relationships in the news…

This post was going to go a different direction, but then digg threw a few more headlines at me, so it took a [perhaps] broader perspective.

So the NYTimes published an article yesterday stating that 51% of women are now living without a spouse [link removed]. A male columnist at the Pioneer Press has a nice column today venting about this [link removed], which made me wonder if his perspective was unique or not. Originally, I was going to leave it at that, and ask for the male response to these two pieces.

However, add in the following bits of news… in the UK, apparently 1 in 8 guys would trade in their girlfriend for the latest gadget [link removed] (sorry, I tried to find the real study, but had no luck). Hmm. Maybe this could contribute to why more women are living without a spouse? Or perhaps the UK report that fewer men are taking on “trophy wives” [link removed]. Now I know that these are UK studies and probably not the most scientific things ever, and widespread societal conclusions should not be drawn from them.

But, first thoughts… what’s your reaction?

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  1. This seems to be the by-product of the movement towards equal treatment between the genders. It’s also not a surprise. When your raise all children equally and give them identical expectations for life, their drives will generally be in conflict rather than complenting. A team built with different people in different roles will always excel over a team where everyone is the same.

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