I’m a little nervous to write this post, because if there were ever any doubts about my geek status, this will silence them all. But…

On digg a few weeks ago was a link to a site that claimed to have retro computer games. I was interested, so I bookmarked it and looked it up at home. They had my two favorites (be patient), plus a few others. So I downloaded them.

Last night, I finally got around to installing them. Oh my goodness. I had so much fun – I was actually laughing aloud in my front room. OK, the Mah-jong sucked and I’d have to find a different version if I ever wanted to play it.

So what was I having so much fun with? “Crystal Caves” and “Duke Nuke ’em 1.” That’s right, the first one. Because 2 and 3, while making progress graphics-wise, are not what I know. I played these a billion years ago (OK, like junior high, but that was the early 90’s). Not sure if played. That was back when you actually had to shut down Windows 3.1 to the DOS C:\ prompt. And from there you could run these lovely programs. I imagine it was the feeling that people who grew up playing Mario Bros get when they are re-united with it.

Anyways, it was a lot of fun. Just about the only “video” games (are they called video games if they’re computer-only? I don’t really know the specifications for classification) I ever played. There was one with tanks and projectory and stuff that we played at a friend’s house, but only because all 5 of us could actually play. And they were super big dorks. And geeks too, but kinda dorky as well. I digress. If I had a link to the site, I’d post it, so you could go reminisce with a favorite game from your youth, but I don’t.

Oh – Bonus Points to anyone who 1) has played either/both of these games, or 2) owns up to any similarly geeky gaming experiences in the comments.