Taking a turn for the worse

I have decided, apparently, to feel sicker this afternoon. This wasn’t exactly a conscious decision, mind you – had it been, I would have chosen to feel better. Alas, the decision’s already been made, and now I’m stuck with it.

Now I have a headache. And am more congested. And extremely tired (like, you’d think I’d taken a Tylenol PM or something). And I’m having hot flashes. Yeah, I know, they’re not really hot flashes, since I’m about 25 years too young for that. But it’s like that weird fever I ran on New Year’s Eve for all of 5 minutes. Apparently, it just comes over me, all of a sudden, ever-so-briefly (well, like a few minuets instead of hours or days). A co-worker told me I look flushed. It’s kinda a wavy experience, as in the fever’s coming in waves.

But not to worry. I took some more ibuprofen and a cough drop. And I had chicken noodle soup for lunch, sans broth. (That last part wasn’t really intentional – I got it in a bread bowl and the guy decided that broth was bad, and I wasn’t about to argue with him. Bummer, though, since I think the broth is the part that’s supposed to make me feel better.)

I need to feel better before the end of the workday so and I can go out to dinner. Or maybe just so that I can see him and not be grumpy. It is possible for me to leave work early and bus to his house and sleep… and if I start feeling much worse, I will. But more than likely, I will be here until 5, whining.

Anyone wanna brainstorm Microsoft Access databases with me? I have a problem I can’t fully wrap my head around, and I need to talk aloud through the issues to figure it out. It would be helpful if that someone wasn’t, you know, a blank wall, or just the air around me, but rather someone vaguely knowledgeable in Access.

Also, I would like use of my right nasal cavity returned to me.