Oh my

Well, the good news is I’m feeling better. There was an hour or two there that I was real iffy, but now I think I can make it through the rest of the day.

We’ve been having a little fun here, not something we do often. A co-worker has been out since early December – he had surgery for prostate cancer (or something like that – I didn’t ask too many details) and is coming back on Monday. He’s a real jokester, so we’ve been having fun decorating his cube. The My Little Pony “Happy Birthday” banner came out, as did numerous small things like smiley face stress balls, a bobble-head clock, and assorted foods. Pictures have been added to his frames (of people we know, not his family), and a fake “schedule has been changed – you’re needed in Roseau tomorrow” note from his boss added (she did it). Much laughter abounds. Theoretically there will be a balloon or two (going with the birthday theme, of which his took place while he was out) and some sort of bars on Monday as well.

We may not be fun around here often, but man, when we do…. Yeah, I know it’s kinda lame, but it’s been a long week and we’re all tired. Much laughter ensued.

Hopefully ‘s car will be in fine, working condition when he picks it up. He had repairs done Tuesday, and when he picked it up the “check engine” light was on. No word from the service guy, just rang through to voicemail, so hopefully all is well. It would be a very interesting weekend if not.