For the love

Really, I don’t need this. This, quite possibly, the most annoying level of “sick” possible. I’m congested, my throat is still scratchy/itchy like a bad wool sweater, and… that’s it. There’s really no justification in complaining. That’s not fair, I tell ya.

Last night, I did go to the co-op, because I had a sudden hankering for grilled cheese, and didn’t have any of the ingredients. And let me tell you, it was fabulous. Amazing. Possibly the greatest grilled cheese of all time. I know. Hard to believe. Maybe it was just because my chicken noodle soup was not very good (the garlic was too strong and I put in too much cayenne pepper), but it was practically a religious experience.

And then… I took a shower and changed into my pajamas. There’s nothing better than being in your pajamas at 8pm (and robe) and walking to the kitchen to find your [male] roommate that you almost never see. Right. I’m sure his thoughts were somewhere along the lines of… ugh. Mine were.

I watched “Mean Girls” (that I’d seen before, but recorded it because it’s good enough to watch again, which is good since Prince Charming just got it on Netflix) and did some knitting. I finished the right side of my jacket, so this weekend I can start working on the back. It’s all very exciting, I know.

I also talked to Prince Charming on the phone, attempted to call Dad (he wasn’t home) to thank him for the Christmas gifts, and… packed for the weekend.

And then I went to bed. Before 11pm. OK, so I didn’t actually fall asleep until… 11:30 or so, but that’s way earlier than my usual 1am.

Also, I have unofficially decided which classes I’m taking. I dropped the Minnesota History one (you could have figured that, right?), though there were 37 openings in the class still available, so if I change my mind, it’s OK. I checked out textbooks needed and I think I can do it for under $200, assuming I find used books in the bookstore – I plan on visiting Monday after work, and then getting the rest on Amazon. I wish that we could get syllabi for classes before they started, but alas, no. I even checked online. Bummer. It’d just be nice to know which books are needed for, say, the first week of class.

And then hopefully next paycheck I can buy glasses. It’s all so complicated, I know.

I think lunch today will be chicken noodle soup in a bread bowl, assuming that D Brian’s will still have that option when I go at 1:30.

Oh, and today, according to one co-worker, I have floopy curls. Or was it floofy? Foofy? I’m not sure… something along those lines. And I’m wearing one of my new shirts. And my foot doesn’t hurt that much. And all the memes for today were boring so you won’t be tortured with them.