Warning: This post may be too boring to read

Yesterday, I attempted a new first aid remedy on my foot gouge. Neosporin and regular Band-Aids (they may have actually been Band-Aid brand) just weren’t cuttin’ it, even when I had plenty of time to leave it open to the air and let it heal that way (which is a much-disputed theory, whether or not airing a wound is good). It still hurt every morning, sometimes to the point of needing to change shoes (today’s the first day I could wear my brown dress shoes, and they still kinda hurt, but not so much that I can’t walk) and take Advil regularly. So yesterday, I went to Walgreens and got the Active Flex product (I’ve tried a similar product from Nexcare, but it’s no longer available). And I gotta say, this morning there was significantly less pain in my foot. I might even be able to shower with my foot somewhere near the water, which could be useful if I want to shave anytime in the next few days, weeks, whatever (I’ll refrain from suggesting “months” in case a certain boy reads this and gets grossed out at the idea). So, yay! Maybe by the weekend I won’t be complaining about how much it hurts. Everyone can get on board with that idea.

In my continuing goal of productivity, last night I finished the 3 inches of knitting I’d started on Tuesday, and then did the next step in the instructions. That side of the jacket/sweater is almost done! I also finished my laundry, so I’m wearing more new clothes today (a pink knit shirt that’s half sweater half shirt, if that makes sense – regardless, it enabled me to move a sweater from my drawer into the Goodwill pile, and that really needed to be done). I curled my hair, which has gotten rave reviews so far this morning. Of course, the pink sweater-shirt did too. Apparently, I’m fabulous today, which is good, since I am sick.

That’s right, I said sick. I woke up this morning and my throat was in so much pain that all I managed to do was crawl out of bed, find the cough drops in the dark (not that hard, since last night I reorganized my drawers, conveniently), open the package, toss one in my mouth and crawl back into bed. It’s now after 11 and I can swallow without pain, which is good. I also couldn’t breathe through my nose when I woke up. These are bad signs, I tell ya. Of course, it’s probably (hopefully) as sick as I will get, since I don’t generally run fevers or toss my cookies. (I did actually have a mild fever Sunday night for a bit, but I think it was related to eating too much ice cream – seriously, my tummy felt awful and the Tums started to work, but I was quite toasty for awhile and it was unpleasant.) I would like to be not sick for the weekend, please. Or, really, at all. Lemon tea is on the menu for later today, as is chicken noodle soup, perhaps for all of my meals.

People are in meetings today, or at least this morning, so the work I’ve managed to get done… is in a holding pattern until they come back, since I need further instruction/direction/input. I can’t seem to get Google Browser Sync to install on this computer, which sorta defeats the purpose (since it would sync my bookmarks between my home computer and this one). I haven’t had problems installing extensions in Firefox before, so this one baffles me.

I’d admonish you all for the lack of comments lately, but I know that has been traveling, and started her new job this week and is having internet access problems at home. And has commented via IM. Of course, comments are always welcome from strangers too, if there are any.