Tuesday Randomness

So the cookie cutters that I lusted after at Williams-Sonoma that make 3D reindeer, Christmas trees, snowmen, and a sleigh… went on sale. Before, they were $24, which wasn’t bad. But now, after Christmas, they’re $9.99. So, I couldn’t resist. But after I put them in my cart, I tooled around the site a little, and when I went back… the price had been lowered. To $7.99! I’d learned my lesson from Amazon (when I delayed purchasing an item in a similar circumstance only to have it become unavailable thereafter) and quickly checked out. Yay! I may be the only person to get so excited about cookie cutters, but I don’t care.

Further discussion for comments… of the outstanding projects in my to-do list (you probably can think of a few that are either on my list or should be), which do you think will actually get done before classes start in 2 weeks?