It didn’t start with a bang, but with an awful lot of sugary goodness

Not a terribly eventful weekend, all things considered. and I went to the MOA on Saturday and managed to spend my entire gift card. Correction – there is $2.93 remaining. I came home with quite a haul – thankfully, the mall wasn’t as crowded as I’d feared. New York & Co was the worst, and where I spent the least amount of money. Just one sweater from them. But then between H&M, Express and Gap, I came away with three pairs of jeans, two pairs of dress pants, a sweater, a long-sleeved shirt, two dress shirts, and a short-sleeved shirt. Oh, and a chain from the silver store to hang my pendant on. I’m debating the Express jeans – I’ll have to try them on (yet again) before making a final decision. Everything else has tags cut off and is in waiting for me to do laundry (I got quarters while out on break, so guess what I’ll be doing tonight).

But other than that… a lot of movie-watching, nothing much remarkable. We made beef stew for ‘s last meal as a meat-eater. Now he’s got 3 months of being a fairly-strict vegetarian, and I have 3 months of drinking clear sodas only (or water or tea or anything else I like, just no colored sodas). And no complaining about it. I have yet to be tempted, but it’s only the 2nd.

Monday morning we got up and drove to ‘s, switched cars, and drove up to ‘s. Her house was full of new neighbors and the smell of freshly made donuts. Yum! She made both cake and yeast, and the only bummer was that she ran out of powdered sugar, so the second half of the yeast ones were sugar-coated instead of glazed. was there with . After the neighbors left, we played Chickenfoot dominoes and continued eating donuts. We finally left so could get to her part-time job and could drop his car off at the dealership for repairs. Meanwhile, I finished taking down the Christmas tree, lamented over not being able to do laundry (no quarters), and allowed to whore all over me.

Hopefully, the lack of work for me to do today while here will not hinder my desire to be productive outside of work. I have just two weeks in this post-Christmas pre-Spring semester time to work on the projects that I either let slide or attempted to finish but didn’t have the time. It’s a pretty big list, but even if I can make a dent in it I’ll be happy. I did start and finish a scarf I had been trying and retrying to design, and continued working on the bolero jacket. Found out that, after multiple attempts, I now know the secret to “reverse all shaping” directions. That was a pain, but I’ve got it now. Wanna know the key: do the exact same thing as you did for the first time, except that you need to knit all your purls and purl all your knits. I’ve got some pretty fabric and patterns for new clothing that I’m not letting myself cut out until I finish the bazillion sewing projects I’m partway through. They’re sitting right there on my bedroom floor tempting me, though.

Fashion question – do you think ballet flats are going out of style any time soon? I need a new pair of black semi-dress shoes (to go with skirts and pants) that are actually comfortable to wear, and I’m quite drawn to the ballet-flat style. But I don’t want to spend $$ on shoes that will be “so last year” soon. Thoughts?