Four For Friday

  1. Multitasking: Eighty percent of us claim to be multitaskers, and nearly two-thirds of all multitaskers consider themselves good at it. How about you…are you a multitasker? If so, do you multitask by choice or design? At work, I try not to multitask, usually because it upsets my rhythm and then it takes me twice as long to do things. But at home, I multitask all the time. I like to watch TV while doing… anything. Knitting, reading, homework, cleaning, laundry, and occasionally can manage to do more than that. But, I have learned that I cannot watch TV while on the phone. Nor can I eat out at a restaurant where there are TVs in my field of view. It’s a weakness I have.
  2. Federal Closings: Yesterday, President George W. Bush declared that Tuesday, January 2, 2007, will be a National Day of Mourning here in the U.S. after the death earlier this week of former U.S. President Gerald Ford. In doing so, President Bush ordered all government agencies and departments to close on Tuesday, except for offices essential to national security. In your opinion, do you think federal employees should have the day off from work because of the death of President Ford? Sure, why not. What’s the harm? Not much work was going to get done that day anyways, it’s the day after New Year’s. What’s better: federal employees at work with a hangover, or federal employees respectfully observing the death of a former President at home? Either way, they’re getting paid and not much work is getting done. (And yes, I say this as a state employee, so I’m not rippin’ on the government here, just being honest about the status of the workday on the day after New Year’s.)
  3. Who’s on First: For the second time in the last 10 days, a powerful storm has dumped major amounts of snow on Denver, Colorado, and Denver International Airport (DIA). Nearly 5,000 airline passengers were stranded at DIA during a 45-hour closure last week, and when the airport reopened, many of those stranded passengers found themselves waiting even longer to board planes because new passengers arriving at the airport were given preference for flights. Do you think grounded passengers should be first in line for the first available flights, or is it OK for new passengers booked on new flights to have preference over grounded passengers? I have … no opinion on this. It’s never happened to me. I think it would depend if I was the grounded passenger or the new passenger… either way, I’d want preference.
  4. Calendar: Do you have a 2007 calendar? If so, is it the kind with pictures on one side and the previous month on the backside, or is it a desk calendar, sans pictures? If a picture calendar, what is its theme? If you do not have a 2007 calendar, do you plan to buy one or are you not the calendar type? I did just get a 2007 calendar to carry with me this year, mostly because I hope to be taking more than one class, which may require more organizing of my life. (Someone is screaming right now thinking of that idea, or at least shuddering in fear of “more organization” in my life.) I got this one [link removed], and I’m not sure if I like it yet. Maybe it’ll grow on me, or maybe I’ll have to buy a different filler partway through the year.

2 Replies to “Four For Friday”

  1. Hmmm…this national holiday won’t affect my first day at the Authority will it? I’m technically a city employee, but the programs are all run by HUD, a federal department…

    They would call me if my first day were canceled, right?

  2. No, this “national holiday” won’t affect your first day at work. We are a state department that is predominantly federally funded (it’s like a 4:1 ratio, fed to state dollars), but we still have to go to work. It doesn’t matter where the money comes from, but who’s in charge. If the governor doesn’t say we get off, then we don’t. I suspect there is someone similar in your sphere of influence who could declare something like that, but I have no idea who.

    And just to be sure, I checked the state’s website this morning before leaving for work, in case I’d missed the governor mentioning that I didn’t have to go in. Bummer – I’m here.

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