I’ll take “Things That Are Red” for $200, Alex

I got my Christmas present from last night – it took a little longer to ship than planned, but we shared stories about similar things happening on multiple occasions. Has anyone not had that experience? Ordering online and delivery taking longer than expected? I’d tell you what she gave me, link to it and show you in fact, but she got it off my Amazon wishlist, and I’m not supposed to look at that right now because got me something off it too.

I just realized that nothing had arrived in the mail from yet, and that I might not get it until after the weekend, but then I realized I’d actually be at my house at some point on Christmas day, so it’s all good.

Paid my tuition today, and then registered for classes for next semester. Of course, I just kinda registered for some stuff that looked interesting to hold a spot for me in the class, since I still don’t know what classes Bethel needs me to take. And their offices are closed between Christmas and New Year’s (or, at least the library is), as are Judson’s, so I don’t expect that to be resolved until after the first. But then there’s still two weeks before classes start, so that’s fine. And then financial aid will get figured out and then… glasses are next on the agenda. Darn it if it isn’t an expensive time of year. had $300 worth of car repairs two weeks ago, unexpectedly. No fun.

Work is boring today, and will be torturous all next week. At least I get to take a day off sometime next week, for lunch with and my aunt. Now I just need to find something to keep me occupied enough today so that I don’t sit here and stare at all my split ends. And I can’t take a long coffee break, because we’re short 2 clericals today, which means there are only 2 of us to answer phones and do the mail.

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  1. Ah-ha! I looked at your wish list. Turns out you can sort by what has already been purchased. I know what you’re getting!! He he he!!

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