Friday Fun

  1. Favorite gifts that you bought/made for someone else that you wanted for yourself! I don’t think I gave anyone things that I’d want. Huh.
  2. Favorite holiday treats to eat or drink. I love egg nog. And peppermint hot cocoa. It’s the only time of year I like peppermint.
  3. Gifts you would have like to to buy/make for someone else if money was no object. I think it’d be fun to give my girlfriends a day at the spa.
  4. Gifts you would like for yourself if money was no object! Seriously no object? A car, but only if the “no object” part lasted for more than one occasion, because upkeep (and by upkeep, I mean insurance and gas, not even thinking about repairs) is friggin’ expensive.
  5. Things you still have to do for the holidays! Get my brother-in-law’s gift, tealights to go with ‘s mom’s gift, wrapping the afore-mentioned, and, if I can swing it, get the last thing for ‘s stocking from Cub when he’s not looking.