Cookie-baking last night went alright. We didn’t burn the house down and by the end of the night, there were several dozen cookies, so I guess that could be considered successful. The spritz cookies that tried to make didn’t work – it was either the dough or the fact that her spritzer gun was missing a part, we’re not sure. And my recipe for Swedish Lace Logs was… difficult, but can be improved upon for next year, I think. Yummy, still, just not presentable to others. And I didn’t get the time to make the dough for gingerbread cookies, even though I got the ingredients. I think I’ll try to make those up tonight, while finishing the soup-in-a-jar mix that I’m giving to my grandparents (yes, yes, I realize it’s quite late and they won’t get it in the mail until after Christmas, but I feel bad about missing Christmas Eve at their house this year and needed to do something). Which means that I’m canceling movie plans with . I have to do laundry, too, which is actually why I’m canceling. I know, a crappy reason, but I’m busy all Thursday night and need some clean clothes before the weekend. I really should have tried to multi-task and get a load or two done last night, but there was enough chaos in the kitchen as it was.

Hopefully next time we won’t have so many issues, or at least have different issues, and there will be more space in the kitchen. Or at the least not a big dog following us around trying to sniff our butts and lick our hands, which only results in a lot of hand-washing.

I’ve heard the cookies are yummy….