Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about

was actually thrilled that I was canceling our plans for tonight. She thanked me repeatedly. [Insert grossly inappropriate “your mom” joke here.] Seems she has a lot to do as well. And the more I thought about it, going to the movies with my current eyesight issues didn’t really seem like a good idea. Frankly, watching TV could cease being fun, except that I don’t watch TV so much as have it on in the room while I’m doing things.

For entertainment this afternoon at work, I’m running virus scans on my computer. Yeah, it’s about as exciting as it sounds. But at least I only have to be here for another 90 minutes.

Two co-workers asked me about today, including the specifics (which I was pleased to realize I remembered… more about that in a sec). I’ve been told to spoil him rotten, not like there was ever any doubt about that.

Today, I forgot my iPod at home. Yesterday it was my cell phone. I’ve repeatedly lost things in my house, gone into rooms and completely forgotten why I was there, and so forth. Maybe it’s the tumor. You know, the one that’s making me blind too. says that as long as I’m not walking into walls or having seizures more than usual, I should be fine. Previous seizures: 0. Recent seizures: 0. Check. Walking into walls: happens all the time, but not with greater frequency of recent. So maybe I’m not dying. But I sure have felt like a scatterbrain lately.

The Internet has run out of ways to entertain me. Boo.