Tee hee

First of all, yes, I have pics of baby . But I don’t have my home computer set up to ftp to my server, so that’ll have to wait until tomorrow.

But in other exciting news… virtually all of my Christmas shopping is done! I have some stocking-stuffer type stuff to do, and I still need to find ‘s present (she requested a white cardigan, and I’m pretty sure I can get one at JC Penny, but even if I can’t, I can always find something for her) and ‘s, and actually make the donation to the Heifer Project, but that’s it! Yay! It was a struggle this year, I tell ya. So, if you had wanted any of the things from that post earlier today, well, too bad so sad, I’m all done. Unless you found something under $10, because all my big spending is done.

Studying is not going so well, though. Obviously, since I’m blogging at home. I’m having a hard time focusing, and am tired, so I’m just going to bed, which is slightly early for me. Oh well. Hopefully I can be focused tomorrow night, enough to write up sample sentences and essays, or at least throw some things onto a note card. I mean, I have time this weekend too, but I’d like the basics to be done before then. I’d really like to not have to bring my homework-bag to ‘s house, just a few sheets of paper. That’d be nice. And then it’s a whole month of no homework! And in the meantime, hopefully I’ll figure out what classes I need to take next semester. I’ve got my eye on a few, but there’s no point shelling out the money if they don’t meet the requirements. Well, not no point, since obviously all learning opportunities have value. But let’s be real: it’s going to take me long enough to get through my Master’s, and I don’t need to make ill-informed decisions that will only slow me down further.

Pictures soon, I promise! And maybe I’ll gush poetically about , including details of his tiny fingers and toes and his hair and facial expressions and everything else that no one will really care about. What good is a blog if you can’t get all gooey about babies, especially first nephews?