Completely Unrelated to Babies

So I’m tooling around Amazon today (can I say that, or am I too… I dunno, white, uncool, whatever?) looking for gift ideas for those troubling people on my Christmas list. Now, I adore all of them, but some people are quite difficult to shop for. And, unlike last year, I started with a blank slate – I didn’t have any ideas carried over from the year before. Plus, my mind has been busy with school and, more recently, the arrival of a baby, so my creativity has been stifled.

But Amazon has at least provided me with some amusement for the afternoon. I submit to you some of my favorite things from among their various gift guides.

  • My favorite [link removed] from the Boyfriend/Husband list was this little bottle. Are they serious?
  • And this item wasn’t on that list (what list it was on, I don’t remember), but it caused me to laugh a great deal. As far as I’m concerned, it’s the funniest and most horrible gift [link removed] to ever give someone.
  • A pop-up book [link removed] for adults (not x-rated)
  • Maybe some of you geeky people (that would be… my entire reading audience, I think) knew this [link removed] existed, but I didn’t. How cool is that? I don’t want one, but I’m guessing someone I know either wants one or had one.
  • For that woman in your life who will remain single forever [link removed] and you just want to rub it in?
  • , I thought your dad might like this book [link removed]. I’ve heard the author is amazing.
  • What is this, for the diva who has everything? I’m mean, I’m all for stick-on bling (not really), but this is seriously pricy bling [link removed].

Let me end by saying this. If any of you with whom I am exchanging gifts this year want any of the above, you should let me know, because I would be inspired to purchase any of them (except the bling) if I don’t already have the entirety of your gift. Leave me comments. I’m serious.

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