Pictures! (not of babies)

As promised, I passed some time by editing some photos to be posted here. My camera did not take very good Christmas tree pictures, so I don’t really recommend clicking on the thumbs for the full-size versions, but you can do as you feel free.

The tree at Prince Charming's house

Another view...

The tree at my house

The warm glow of candlelight

This is from when A and L and I went out a few weeks ago. A wanted to show off the cool socks she bought at Target.

I fixed the pictures in the frames above my fireplace, and thought for good measure I'd prove it. Look, they're all right-side-up!

Notice anything wrong with this picture? Like how I have two copies of the same painting, yet the good one remains on the floor in the frame that I searched 2 years for, and the crappy one still hangs on the wall? I keep forgetting to fix this problem.

L was so brave as to post before and after pictures of her recent house cleaning. I didn't clean last night, but I thought I'd be brave and show off my mess. Limited in scope to the front room (OK, admittedly a disaster) and one chair in my bedroom. After I took this picture, I realized that I had some unwrapped Christmas presents hanging out for people who tend to read this blog, so that's the blurry mess.

Someday I'll get this cleaned up. Really, I will.

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  1. Kelly,

    I zoomed in on the picture of your chair. I didn’t see my present. I’m assuming you didn’t get me a laptop and binders from your work. (Binders the books, not the hair bands that Minnesotans call “binders”). I didn’t look at the other picture.

    Are you an aunt yet?
    Have fun,

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