Don’t Hate Me

I did some math today (shock and awe, I tell ya) to figure out exactly how hard I had to study for my final exam next Monday. With Alison hoping to be induced at the “end of the week,” (I’ll know more by tonight or tomorrow morning, when she calls/emails, I thought it would be fortuitous to know how much studying I needed to do. Here’s the breakdown:

If I get… then my overall class grade is…
0/100… 84%
50… 92%
75… 96%
80… 97%
85… 98%
90… 99%
95… 99.5%
100… 100% (actually, 100.5%)

So, yeah, there will be no stressing out about this. Sure, I’ll write up my notecard and do some studying, but no stress allowed. Especially since I’ve been averaging 95% on my exams. NO WORRIES.

And before I get hate comments, let me just say that at no time in college or high school was I the one with the best grade, and I never had a 4.0 GPA. I did fine in school, mostly As and Bs in mostly honors classes (except for Chemistry, which killed me), but I certainly wasn’t a superstar. I got an academic scholarship to college, but not the best one. My ACT score wasn’t high enough, though I suspect that GPA probably played into the equation too, and it wasn’t high enough. So there. I can be a superstar once in my life.