and I are going to a concert tomorrow night at the Xcel, and I’m very excited. It’s Michael W Smith, of whom I have been a huge fan for nigh on 2 decades – I’ve been to a concert of his at least once or twice before, including a trip in high school that involved driving my friends (when I wasn’t allowed to) and almost locking myself out of the car in the process, when the opening band was Jars of Clay, before they were huge. They were the opening band for the opening band. And his Christmas album, Christmastime, is my absolute favorite out of my collection, which is saying a lot since I have over 2 dozen Christmas albums. Probably more like 4 dozen. But who’s counting? Maybe this weekend I will get time to pull the Christmas stuff out of the basement and decorate. I’m late, you know… I usually decorate the Sunday after Thanksgiving. But last Sunday we were still eating Thanksgiving dinners….

Two people checked off the to-buy-gifts-for list. Three, I suppose, if and count individually (though we bought them one gift from the four of us). Now the debate is, do I buy a frumpy white cardigan like she asked for, or the CDs she wanted, or just go out on a limb and come up with my own idea? Oh, 4 I suppose, if I count , since is buying that on Saturday. And I know what I’m getting for… OK, only 2 of the other people on my list, and the last 4 are crap shots. But for being Dec 1, that’s pretty good progress. I’m totally jealous of – I called her last Sunday and she was completely done with their shopping, including having everything wrapped. Of course, they had motivation, since once the baby falls out, there really won’t be time for frivolity like gift-buying. Then it’s just poopy diapers and breastfeeding and longing for sleep and a shower. Ah, the joys of parenthood.