Goooood Watchin’

If you get the chance, you should watch “Lost Twin Cities” as produced by TPT (Local PBS). I had recorded it a while back and watched it last night – it was really quite interesting, especially for a transplant to the area who didn’t necessarily know much if any of the history. Did you know that the LA Lakers originated in the Twin Cities? Did you know that Minneapolis used to have a minor league baseball team just like St Paul still does? Did you know there was a baseball field at Lexington and University? (Explains why that corner is still a hole.) Very interesting, especially since many of the architectural features were buildings that were destroyed in the 50’s, so they’re not currently part of the skyline.

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  1. Could I borrow the video from you?

    Also, I’d like to point out that Lake Lillian, population 250, also had a minor league team. The Jolly Lakers.

  2. So sorry – I deleted off of my DVR after watching it! It is based on a book by the same title, and it’s possible that it and/or the video are available at the library. I just checked, and the video and book are both available at the St Paul Public Library.

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