Let’s see…

Happy Thanksgiving!

Yeah… not really that much to say. I have been incredibly productive at home this week, which is probably why I don’t have much to say. I finished the curtains for Alison’s bedroom finally – her birthday present (yes, her birthday was in August). I got almost everything on my “to do” list done last night, except for vacuuming. I packed all my stuff for the long weekend up so I can go to Prince Charming’s house straight from work, which means that I am carrying a crap-ton of stuff. Hope the bus isn’t crowded. Anyone have a solution to the hassle of carrying winter clothes for a weekend in a backpack (as in, winter clothes take up waaaaay more space than summer ones do) to Prince Charming that doesn’t involve … living together?

I’ve been a superstar in Access this week at work. I finally recreated a report that had been done manually for… decades, I swear. Amazingly, I actually got everything to work, and only broke it once or twice. Maybe it doesn’t sound like a big deal to you, but up until now I’d been manually doing math and entering numbers into an Excel spreadsheet, which is never a good option when all the information is already in a database somewhere.

Yes, yes, I know, incredibly boring. Boo-hoo.

So tonight I am going to Cub, and then I will either do my homework or make a pumpkin pie – we’ll see what I’m feeling like when I get back. Prince Charming is going to a concert and so I’m left to entertain myself, which is also known as “Wednesday night.”

Tomorrow we have two turkey dinners, followed by a wedding on Friday, and another turkey dinner on Sunday. Suffice it to say, my pants may not fit on Monday, at which point the world will rejoice and women everywhere will stop hating me.

Alright, I should go. Liz, have fun in Ohio with the fam… Amanda, say hi to your Mom for me (insert filthy inappropriate your-mom joke here). All the rest of you… go get fat on turkey! And remember some things to be thankful for, even if it’s just… “Kelly won’t be posting any more boring entries for the rest of the week.”