Now you can hate me

Test scores are in from Monday’s test, you know, the one that I wasn’t in such a swell mood about. 94%. Which means that I still have a 98% in the class, not including the extra credit paper. Feel free to hate me, because right now, I am that person in the class. Hehe. By the way, I’ve never been that person. Not that I didn’t do well in school, because I did, but in high school I was in honor’s classes, which meant there was a whole classroom full of smarties (and I just didn’t care enough to try hard), and college was just a different world entirely. So I’m going to enjoy this moment, while it lasts. Next semester I will hopefully take more than one class (my goal is three – we’ll see how that goes), and I’m quite sure that I won’t be acing all of my classes if that’s the case.

I’m going to go dance about the office now. And then get lunch.