Four For Friday

  1. Faith: Nearly half of all Americans are not sure God exists, according to a poll that also found divisions among the public on whether God is male or female or whether God has a human form and has control over individual or worldly events. The survey conducted by Harris Poll found that 42 percent of U.S. adults are not “absolutely certain” there is a God compared to 34 percent who felt that way when asked the same question three years ago. What do you think? Does God exist, and if so, do you think God has control over events?
  2. Work: Do you socialize with co-workers outside of the office? Goodness, no. I like to believe my co-workers don’t exist outside of work.
  3. Holiday Travel: Are you traveling for the upcoming holidays or are you expecting family and friends to come to your home for Thanksgiving and/or Christmas? Lordy, there was drama around scheduling Thanksgiving this year. With not being able to travel, there was all of a sudden another set of family that we had to plan for, so trying to fit three family celebrations in nearly drove me loopy. We are trying to be proactive about Christmas. For the first time in a long time, I’m not planning on going back to Illinois for Christmas. Actually, I’ve never not gone. One year that I lived in Michigan I took the train on Christmas Day, and that was the second time I’d ever missed Christmas Eve at my grandparents’ (there was once when we were little kids and it was negative 20 out or something, and refused to let that go down). If I think about it too much, I’ll get sad that I won’t be there this year. But it’s just not practical. Hopefully next year.
  4. You Choose: Which would you rather have…a personal assistant or a personal trainer? Personal trainer. First of all, a personal assistant would have to be trained to organize, plan, etc, just the way I like it, so it just doesn’t seem worth the effort. Secondly, a personal trainer might be the only way that I ever eat healthy and exercise. I’m just really very poorly disciplined when it comes to those areas.

3 Replies to “Four For Friday”

  1. Yeah, yeah. I was saving #1 for last because I thought it would take me a long time.

    Now you may just have to wait for my thoughts until I collect them (and until I stop being snippy enough so that my answer isn’t b*tchy).

  2. Alright, let’s see if I can answer #1 in the 15 minutes I have left at work.

    Does God exist? Beyond a shadow of a doubt, I believe this to be true. Does He have control over events? I absolutely believe in the sovereignty of God. I am a Calvinist (just look it up) through and through, although I can’t always explain what I believe well enough to others.

    On the flip side of the coin…

    I’ve never doubted God’s existence. It’s not that I have an unexamined faith, because I do, and it’s been tested many, many times in my life. But I’ve never doubted His existence, or His hand at work in my life. Sometimes I’ve wondered what He’s doing, or wished that He’d do something else, but thankfully God’s not my puppet and I don’t always get my way. The world would be f*ed up if I did.

    I do think it’s ok to be a believing, authentic, active Christian and occasionally doubt God’s existence, or wonder what He’s doing up there. Doubt is very healthy – it means you think about things. Just… make sure you work through your thoughts to some end point, to some conclusion. Don’t just doubt and leave it alone.

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