Unfortunate news for the Kleenex corporation

Apparently, I am never again allowed to blow my nose. Despite all precautions taken, I got another bloody nose again today at work. WTF? Bad enough I spent all yesterday afternoon and evening sniffing and being paranoid – now I’ll be afraid to wear anything light-colored for weeks, if not all winter long. And I really like my white turtleneck sweater. Anyone have any good solutions, other than humidifiers and staying hydrated (OK, that I could do a better job of) and nasal spray (now I sound oh-so-sexy, I know)?

2 Replies to “Unfortunate news for the Kleenex corporation”

  1. Vick’s Vapo-rub. Just put a dab inside your nostrils, it’ll make them…umm…ahh…secrete moisture (for lack of a better phrase).

    Now you’re really sexy.

  2. That was a fabulous suggestion, and worked perfectly! I just wish that it didn’t feel like everyone around me can smell it too.

    I’m always very sexy. I have a bra that says so.

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