Life Update

I feel as though perhaps I’ve neglected my blog a bit this week. Wednesday was awash, since Blogger was down in the afternoon and I was at a meeting all morning. And… I’ve had work to do, or at least things to entertain myself with. Sorry.

So…. I had a nice long talk with on Tuesday night, even though I did stand outside for 2 hours freezing my butt off (because Cingular chooses to drop all my calls after 15-30 minutes, and it just gets annoying). And Wednesday I talked to , who had a doctor’s appointment and learned that the baby is head-down, meaning it’s “in position.” She’s not allowed to travel anymore (not on bed rest, and she can go to work and stuff, but longer trips are out, anything that would mean her giving birth anywhere other than Coon Rapids). My little counter on Firefox says 52 days. I wish we knew if it was a boy or a girl – I certainly would want to know if it was me. But it’s not. And that’s a good thing too.

It’s a good thing I have rollover minutes, because I’ve already gone over this month’s minutes and there’s still two weeks left! How did I do that? Last month I rolled over almost the entire balance! I mean, I spent like 10 minutes on the phone tops. Crazy, I tell ya. You know, part of it is that I can call on the walk to church on Wednesday nights, and I know I can’t call her after 9 (when it would be free) because she’s asleep. It’s very tiring being pregnant, or so I hear.

We have hopefully convinced to come up here this year for Christmas (or, a belated Christmas in January), since will not be traveling at all and it seems like an awful lot of work for me to go down there for not much. Plus, with here, and all of ‘s family, and and her husband and the baby… why leave? Plus, then I might not even have to take any days off for the holiday, and that would be nice. My vacation balance has been low for awhile. Or maybe I’ll feel moved to call in sick. Or take just one day off. Who knows. It’s a long ways away, and we still have to figure out Thanksgiving.

Tonight is the Boo Ball, which is not my kind of party at all, but it’s for a good cause (that is, helping out a friend, since it’s a charity event that benefits ‘s work). My costume is all set – I’m sure there will be pictures to post, if not this week then the week after, since we’re going to a costume party next weekend too. It was mad crazy last year, so I will be hot and sweaty and hopefully un-licked (unlike last year) when comes to pick me up. I can only hope I remain unmolested – perhaps the plastic crossbow will help ward off unwanted tongues? (I can only imagine what kind of Google searches will now bring people to my blog because of this last paragraph.)

I am finally not tired today. Yesterday was the worst. Wednesday night after was done working on his project and I was done with church, he called me, and we were on the phone until at least one of us should have been in bed. And then I didn’t go to bed right away, and before I knew it, it was 2 am. No good. So yesterday was a real drag. But he made me promise last night before leaving that I would put myself to bed right away, and I tried very hard to not dally on insignificant things and do just that. And when the alarm went off this morning, it was a much brighter day out (not literally).

Can’t wait for Daylight Savings this weekend. I yearn for morning sunlight. I yen, I pine, I lust. Didn’t know I could get so poetic, did you?