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Well, who knows if it’ll ever come to fruition, but after using the Lion Brand Homespun yarn, I’ve fallen in love with it and want to make anything I can that is touchable. So, I saw an idea and modified it to make a blanket that maybe I’d actually finish (because it would be done in squares and… do you really want the details? I thought not). But, all the color choices! So I’m asking for your help in narrowing things down a little. Go here [link removed], and then come back and leave me some comments.

Here’s some things to keep in mind: I’m pretty sure I can figure out which one a few of you will prefer most – however, I’m making this for me, so try to take that into account. Not that all the options aren’t pretty, but some of them really aren’t me. But, I thought they were worth floating out there into the universe anyways. If you really think one is hideous, please share that. Do remember that the color swatches are approximate, and they changed a tiny bit when I converted the images to jpgs. Nothing in life is certain.

2 Replies to “Your Opinion Wanted”

  1. I don’t like the yellow on the “green” sample. I don’t like the red with the pastels on the “babies” sample. Jewel tones are never my favorite, but then it isn’t for me…

    I do really like the “pink” sample, the “tweedy” sample, and the “brown” and “gray” samples are nice for your color tastes.

    The pink one is my favorite.

  2. Kelly,

    My opinions of what you would and wouldn’t like

    Autumn – that red/maroon sticks out too much for you. A would love it.
    Green – see A’s comments
    Greys – ugh
    Jewels – see my comment about red on Autum, although this one could go either way b/c I like the purple. I’m not sure if that’s me or you
    Pinks – but that may just be my reaction to having to look at it

    Babies – colors I’ve seen you wear
    Browns – ’nuff said
    Jewles 2 – this seems more your style
    Pastels – very your style
    Purples – nice and subdued
    Tweedy – very cool

    It’s interesting to see the difference between A and I in what we like and what we think you’ll like.

    Have fun,

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